Monday, January 31, 2011

The Boilerhouse Sauna, Dublin - a word of warning.

A young friend of mine pointed out to me recently that the long established Boilerhouse Sauna in Dublin now has a sling. Je wanted to try one out for the first time and this seemed like the ideal opportunity.
When I first looked at their website at I was a little concerned that they called it the Sling Arena but under a photo of the sling it was described as a "Private room, all mod cons!"
So, off we went this afternoon only to find that to the management of The Boilerhouse consider a clear plastic curtain to be private. This did not please my young friend or myself.
On meeting with the manager, his first question, in a gruff tone was "Right, what's wrong with you?"
I explained that the sling room was not indeed Private and that my friend wasn't comfortable with this and that we would like a refund.
"Private? Private??" he demanded, "where does it say Private??" he demanded angrily.
"On your website" I informed him.
With that he took me to a computer which displayed the website and asked me where I saw that the facility was Private. I told him to look at the Sling Arena page. He did and sure enough had to concede that I was correct. He then went on to argue that there were alternative facilities available, to which I told him that the sling was what the lad wanted and he wanted it in a Private room, as advertised.
Eventually I was refunded, though short changed.
This place has a thing or two to learn about Customer Service and I would not recommend it as a result.

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